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Robert Norris Hart from Winchester, ON wrote at December 4, 2013:
I am a nephew of Norrie Hart and would have been with him in England if I had been 15 years older. I met Douglas Bahder in Calgary several times and listened to some heroing stories of the Battle of Britain. Would anyone still be around that were there at the time or flew with my uncle? I flew over my home on my 80th birthday as I obtained my license in1957. God Bless all of you who were there in the 40s.
dianne fontaine from prince edward island wrote at November 11, 2013:
I am the niece of Willis McManaman who died in the 2nd World War and I am greatful to read the story of how he died and in what circumstances. He passed on before I was even born. I would so have loved to have met this 17 year old who never stood much chance in this world. Thank-you for making it possible for me to find his story. God Bless. Dianne Fontaine
Bob Bertram from Scotland wrote at November 2, 2013:
As Vice Chairman of the Edinburgh, Lothians and Borders Branch of the Royal Air Forces Association. Fraternal greetings and best wishes to the Air Forces Association of Canada. "Slainte Var, Slainte Vor " (good health, good life)
Jim Irwin from Bradenton, Florida wrote at October 31, 2013:
Now living full-time here in sunny florida. 50 year member of 408-437 Toronto York. Try to make the odd meeting when I'm back "in country".
Bruce Micklewright from France wrote at October 19, 2013:
I had ten wonderful years in the RCAF between 1957 and 1967. I flew two tours on CF100's with 428 Sqn in Ottawa and then 445 Sqn in Marville.
I have recently discovered the Casuaties web site and I note that it only lists casuaties by squadrons. I lost a valued friend and colleague; F/O Ralph Symington at Marville,serving with Wing Instrument Flight. He died flying a T33. Are there similar units whose casuaties are not recorded ?
I am now 80 years old, I flew for 35 years,have over 20,000 hours in my logbooks. Believe me, the ten years in the RCAF were unquestionably the best years of my life.
Abid Ullah from Pakistan wrote at October 19, 2013:
I am here to come in contact with decent people.This is my first visit.I will come here again.
Dr.Jerzy Bonawentura Sosnowski Ph.D. from Toronto. ON wrote at October 9, 2013:
Sallus Air Force Canada suprema Lex. Dr.Jerzy Bonawentura Sosnowski Member POLISH-CANADIAN AIR FORCE ASSOCIATION No. 430 "Warsaw" Wing.
Jerry Fielden from Canada wrote at October 8, 2013:
Goodbye LCol Yves Martin, you will be missed! RIP
Susan Croft from Suffolk UK wrote at September 25, 2013:
We are not really sure why our father, Seaford John Brandy was in the RCAF. He was born in Pennsylvania and we were told as a black man was not allowed to join the USAF. A photo of him with Marian Anderson is in the Smithsonian archive. Does anyone know any more? Thank you
Ed Rodriguez Jr. from Calgary, AB. wrote at September 22, 2013:
My late grand father John Marroquin served on US ARMY AIR FORCE on the pacific front and living in Canada it is an honour to salute all veterans from the RCAF. Thank you for your service to this great nation and God bless you along all our Canadian Forces.
Paul MacNeil from Halifax, Nova Scotia wrote at September 16, 2013:
Count down has started from the past to current for Air Cadets from Nova Scotia, on planning to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Royal Canadian Air Cadets from 1941-2016, between, April to November in 2016. If you, or know of someone, who may have anything that may be of interest from the past like, air cadet newspaper articles, photos, stories, awards, uniforms, badges and training items. To help in establishing an Air Cadet History display at the Aviation Military Museum in NS. Also, we are looking for volunteers, from the five districts in Nova Scotia, to help with planning social events in each district for about 4-6 squadrons and their past cadets. Thank you, and please share with anyone you may know, who was in air cadet from Nova Scotia. If you have any questions, then please contact Paul by email at or telephone, 902-405-7294.
Mike A from Melbourne, Florida wrote at September 4, 2013:
I served in the US Air Force and worked with the Canadian Air Force, it was a pleasure to see a great group of dedicated troops. Keep up the great work guys and girls.
Leslie Belland from temiskming shores wrote at August 13, 2013:
looking for Gerald James Winston Price, RCAF, aero engine or air frame possible CWO last known in Borden contact
patrick w anderson from Scotland wrote at July 31, 2013:
My namesake Uncle Lieutenant Patrick Wright ANDERSON , Black Watch and 18 Sqn RFC (later RAF) flew from 22nd Nov 1917 until 27June 1918 with Canadian pilots firstly Lt A C Atkey and then when he moved to 22 Sqn RAF on fighters my uncle served with Lt Reg C Bennett . Both were from Toronto in Canada I recall . My uncle was seriously wounded to the stomach and thigh when Bennet and himself were attacked by up to 10 enemy machines over Flanders . Bennett and my uncle was flying the DH4 day time bomber A 8048 and my uncle lost a lot of blood in getting back to their lines and he was back at the CCS at Aire on the Sommme . He died of his serious wounds on 2 Nov 1921 having been hospitals in France from the day of his wounding on 27 June 1918 and hospitals in London and england before being sent home to Scotland to dress his wounds daily on 11 th Nov 1919

I got my uncles name added on the SCOTTISH NATIONAL WAR MEMORIAL THE CASTLE EDINBURGH on the Black Watch roll of honour with service shown in the Royal Flying Corps and RAF , He died after the War Graves commission date of 31 August 1921 so is not recorded as a War Dead under the CWGC requirements but he died of his wounds received in action in WW1
Carol Nicol Dowe from Nanaimo BC wrote at July 25, 2013:
My late husband, F/O Bob Nicol 413th Sq. was stationed in Zweibrucken in 1952
flying jets. He had a
very bad auto accident
returning from a station picnic about one hour away was in a body cast for a year...we are appealing
the decision by the VA
from 1976. Bob was the
most optimistic guy, everyone loved
was hard to lose him at
age 69 of pancreatic cancer. We know we will see him one day as he welcomes us all Home. Our son, Cameron and I are avid
aviation buffs, and so enjoy all your stories
and gatherings of SPAADS and look forward
to Victoria 2014!
Carol Nicol Dowe
Nanaimo, 250-751-8511
richard strauss from winnipeg mb wrote at July 23, 2013:
was in the caf with jack booth sgt in alsask sask. 1966. jack was a inspiration to all who know him
Jim Johnston from Sublimity, Oregon, USA wrote at June 24, 2013:
My cousin, Sgt Wo/AG, a A Scot, like myself, enlisted in RAF at outbreak of WWII. He subsequently was assigned to RCAF 424 Bomber Squadron that moved to North Africa in support of the invasion od Sicily. His Wellington Bomber was shot down with the loss of all five crew members. He, at the time was listed as MIA. The wrecked of his plane was later found all long with the remains of the crew. It is my information that the remains were buried in a common grave at a cemetery in Catania, Sicily. Would welcome any information about the squadron in Africa, maybe even a picture of the squadron personnel. I discovered this webpage by accident and it is of great interest to me as I have made plans to visit Sicily in September/October of the year to find and visit my cousin's grave site.
frank wallis from longueuil quebec wrote at June 19, 2013:
hi every one.i come from a very large family.was reserve army.had lots of relatives who served.god bless us all.
willard keune from ludowici, georgia 31316 U.S.A. wrote at May 17, 2013:
My late aunt was an U.S Army nurse in England during ww2. She had a boyfriend named Ronald Ingle from Eden Mills, Ontario. He was a Canadian pilot who tragically died shortly after the war and two weeks before their wedding.

I would like to hear from anyone who knew him or any information i might find. thanks.
Stuart Isenor from Ottawa, On wrote at May 15, 2013:
Enjoyed the site...